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"I enjoy the health benefits of olive oil for eating or for applying to the skin.  I swear that my skin has improved immeasurably by introducing olive oil both to my cooking and to my skin care regime!"

~Crista Blakemore

"Thanks Georgette for your help today, was so yummy tasting all the combinations..... I look forward to using my new flavors and will be back soon!"

 ~Shannon Blace


"Love this place! A unique and enjoyable store to sample taste all the different flavorful oils and balsamic vinegars. And they have a wonderful basil pesto there! I definitely will be returning back to this friendly place to pick up some more favors to enhance my food."

 ~Cindy Thomson


"Was in for my first visit today - wonderful experience and outstanding service, not to mention the quality of oils and balsamics!
Thanks so very much."

 ~Bonnie Ballantine-Gibb


"Espresso and Maple Syrup Balsamic Vinegar...TO DIE FOR!!"

 ~Christina Thorne


"Thank you for the amazing presentation of your store and taste testing! I'm loving the butter flavoured olive oil because real butter is not an option for me. I'm sending all my clients to your store. Good Luck!"

 ~ Audrey Sobaram


"So delicious!!!!! Great selection and very helpful and friendly staff who helped me pick out a great gift! I'll definitely be back."

 ~Liz Sauer


"I was thrilled to meet you today and visit your store. Thank you for taking the time to educate me about the sugar (or rather lack thereof!) in the balsamic vinegars you carry. I've started off with the basic white balsamic but can't wait to try some more flavours!!"

~Tammi Maki


"Great people! Amazing PRODUCT!" 



"Thanks for everything today. We need to educate people about the great product you have."



"Loved the store and balsamic vinegars flavours were outstanding. Think outside the box and these can be used to enhance any dish savory and sweet!"



"Amazing amazing store!"



"Wonderful shop and lots of tasting ! Thank you for helping me choose some delicious balsamics and oils :) Nice to meet you Georgette and Katy both today."

~J. U.


"Thank you x12 for such unexpectedly special teachers gifts!!"



"Thank you for such a welcoming and "tasty" tour! I can't wait to try the delicious spicy olive oil with some TAPAS!!! yum!!"

~V. M.


"Thanks for the tasting tour! Amazing!"

 ~S. P.