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  • Picual EVOO-Chile 200 ml


    Picual EVOO-Chile 200 ml
    Price: $16.00

    Picual EVOO

    Medium Intensity

    *Crush Date: May 2018

    This is our highest in desirable monounsaturated fat of any oil from the fresh harvest! A wonderfully complex Picual, this one is quite fragrant, fruity and floral, with dominant tasting notes of cut grass and green tea. Very well balanced and delightful

               *Biophenols: 312.1 ppm    FFA:  0.15    

    Oleic Acid: 81.5   Peroxide: 5.7

    DAGs: 93.5 *PPP: <1.1

      Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment : Fruitiness:  5.5    Bitterness: 3.0     Pungency: 3.5*As measured at the time of crush Country of origin: Chile


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