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Gift Ideas

Please Take a Look at Our Gift Ideas Brochure by Clicking the Image Below.


  • • We also have a vast selection of Gift Crates and Gift Baskets available.
  • • Custom crates and baskets are also available.


  • Choose from over 50 premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars , Cloud 9 Coffee, Haskapa Jam, Relish, Tea and Chutney, Seasonello Italian Herbal Sea Salt, Wildly Delicious White Truffle Mustard,French Whole Grain Mustard, Sea Salt with Black Truffle, It's A Wild Thing Sea Salts, Greek Organic Olives & Tapenade, Fleur de Sel, Ethereal Chocolate Bars (made with our very own Olive Oil& Vinegars),Ceramic Table Runners, Dipping Dishes, Hand Crafted Locally Made Olive Wood Bread/ Charcuterie Boards,Hand Crafted Locally Made Maple Bowls, Olivella Bath & Moisturizer Products,Oil and Vinegar Lover's Cookbook and more!!



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